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Making a good golf swing is difficult enough without worrying about loosing your footing. That's why SGE Golf created Spike Scrub...the easy way to keep your spikes clean and maximize traction throughout your round.

  • Extra-stiff bristles remove grass clippings and dirt build-up during or after your round.
  • Especially useful in wet conditions.
  • Works on all types of spikes.
  • Special plastic golf spikes hold base in position on grass, dirt or pavement.
  • Can be kept between bags on golf cart during round and disassembled for storage in golf bag when not in use.
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Muddy Shoe

Spike Scrub is also great for all types of Football, Baseball or Soccer Cleats!

No team should be without Spike Scrub on the sidelines. It gives your team the edge in traction throughout the game!

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