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Extra-stiff bristles remove even
caked on dirt and debris during or
after your round.

Most people believe that soft spikes don't grip as well as metal spikes and have recently changed over to soft spikes only because they had to.  At most golf courses, you're lucky if you can find one spike cleaning device, usually by the clubhouse.  This doesn't do you much good out on the course when your feet are slipping due to grass clippings built up on your spikes. You usually end up picking at your spikes with a golf tee or a ball mark repair tool.

Now all of that has changed with Spike Scrub  from SGE Golf.  Simply hold  the handle with the brush head anchored on the ground (with brush facing up) and brush shoe back and forth over bristles to remove grass and debris.

Brush Silo
Brush Head

Special plastic golf spikes hold base in position on grass, dirt or pavement.

Overall Length: 39"
Brush Head:
10" long
2 3/4" wide
with 1" extra stiff

Spike Scrub is a trademark of SGE Golf. Patent Pending.
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